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Name: Work Location Policy - Interim
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff

Policy Overview:

Issued: 01-01-2022
Next Review Date: 11-17-2024
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP) recognizes the value of work location flexibility and utilizes this approach, when deemed appropriate, as part of its workforce staffing and planning strategies. Existing UHSP staff remote work policies and faculty remote work guidelines address data security, communications, management and approval processes for remote workforce management, but do not address how UHSP determines and approves these new business locations. This policy addresses work location factors, including business registration, tax matters, worker’s compensation, and other employment factors used in the decision-making process regarding approval for new work locations in municipalities, states and/or countries. In addition, this policy includes requirements for changes in location and taxation, as well as an approval process when an employee requests to work outside of the campus and established business location. Current states UHSP operates in as workplaces are Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

Applies to faculty, staff and student workers.




Permanent off-campus work location

A work location where an employee works outside the established campus for a period of greater than 30 days in a calendar year. This includes working from a permanent residence or working at an alternate site for greater than 30 days.

Short-term off-campus work location

A short-term work location is generally a temporary work location where an employee works for less than 30 days in a calendar year. This could include working while on vacation out of state, at a conference or other event, a temporary worksite accommodation, or for pandemic, weather-related or other campus emergency situations.


Implications of work off-campus

UHSP is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri and has built its business practices around being a Missouri employer. There are significant potential impacts to having employees regularly work in other locations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Business registration
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • General liability / business insurance
  • Location-specific laws regarding other insurance requirements, employment factors such as minimum wage, work breaktime, employee insurance requirements, discrimination laws and labor law posting requirements
  • State and local taxation requirements, new hire state reporting
  • Analysis of start-up and ongoing costs for establishing a new work location
  • Administration of processes and tasks associated with all the above
  • Management of a remote worker and impact to the employee's job, office and University including impact on services and business related to on-campus students and employees.
  • Any other relevant information

Evaluation of work off-campus

When an employee requests to work regularly from an off-campus work location outside of the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area that is home to our campus, UHSP will evaluate the above and additional factors including the alignment with our mission, vision, values, strategic plans, budgets and staffing. The decision will be made by the Vice President, Finance and CFO in consultation with the General Counsel, Director of Human Resources, and possibly other individuals with information key to the decision-making process.

Requesting an alternate work site

An employee may request to change their regular off-campus worksite, or a supervisor may designate a position within their unit of responsibility as needing a worksite outside of the St. Louis, metropolitan area.

Employees or supervisors are required to complete an Employee Work Location Form to request a change in the employee’s work location and submit the form to Human Resources at least 60 days before the proposed effective date.

Human Resources will evaluate the work location request and compare the requested location to the list of approved work locations. Because of campus’ proximity to Illinois, Work Location Request Forms for remote work in the metro east (Illinois) will be automatically approved.

Should the requested work location be on the current approved permanent work locations list, Human Resources and management to review the impact of the request on the position's responsibiliities, evaluate management and work concerns, and impact to the department and University. Human Resources will sign the request noting an "approval" or "denial" of the request. Both results will be communicated with the employee.

Should the requested location not be on the current list, Human Resources will work with the General Counsel and individuals within the Business Office to evaluate and summarize factors impacting approval of the remote work site. The Vice President, Finance and CFO will make the final decision regarding approval of adding an additional work location to the approved list.

Approved permanent work locations

Human Resources and the Business Office will maintain a list of approved worksite locations based on a comprehensive evaluation and business factors. At least annually, the list will be evaluated, and impacted employees will be notified if changes are made to the list of approved worksite locations.

Current approved worksite states include:

  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Texas

Work Location Declaration and Tax Set Up

In instances where UHSP approves an employee’s regular off-campus work location outside of the St. Louis metro area, the employee will declare a percentage of time spent in each work location, no less frequently than annually. The supervisor will verify this information. This information will be used by payroll to set up pay codes and deduct multijurisdictional taxes.

Employees are required to make another declaration should their work location change or if there is a substantive change to the percentage of time spent at a permanent work location.






· Evaluate request to permanently work off-campus when remote work has already been approved based on impact to the position and unit.

· Implement approved work location change.


· Complete Employee Work Location Form for any geographical work location change prior to the move to ensure UHSP approves and can properly establish taxation and other business requirements.

· Accurately represent percentage of time worked at each worksite.

· Complete state W-4s within payroll system for each state with a permanent work location off-campus.

Human Resources

· Evaluate Employee Work Location Form, contribute information needed for the decision related to UHSP having employees in a new, not already established state, country, and/or municipality.

· Coordinate with Business Office to ensure property/casualty/general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance is up to date based on registered states.

· Ensure proper employment posters are posted for registered states.

Business Office

· Split employee time among multiple states for withholding purposes, if applicable.

· Work with payroll provider to register and set up new state withholding accounts, if applicable.

· Perform analysis and adjust general liability insurance and worker’s compensation policies for new registered states, if applicable.


Staff Remote Work Policy

Faculty Remote Work Guidelines

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