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Name: Student Travel Reimbursement Policy
Responsible Office: Office of Campus Life

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)


Policy Overview:

Issued: 07-01-2015
Next Review Date: 06-17-2023
Frequency of Reviews: Every 3 years or as needed

This policy provides general information and guidelines regarding student travel related to educational and/or professional development, what qualifies for reimbursement from the University and how to apply, and the process by which reimbursement is adjudicated and paid.

Applies to all UHSP students.


The Office of Campus Life

The Office of Campus Life includes all departments within Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Center for Career Services and Education.

Educational and Professional Development Fund

A fund that is generated from a percent of the One Fee charged to all students currently enrolled at University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis.  This fund is managed by the Office of Campus Life with final oversight provided by the VP.


I.    Introduction

Students are encouraged to participate in academic and/or professional development activities. To promote student participation and make the travel reimbursement process clear, funds for student travel to national, regional, and/or local meetings and/or conferences will be awarded using the procedures outlined in this policy.   International travel is subject to the University's International Travel Policy. The University's International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) makes policy recommendations on and is the final approval body for all international travel involving students.

II.    Oversight

The Office of Campus Life, consisting of the Executive Assistant for Campus Life, will oversee the allocation and management of the Educational and Professional Development Fund for student travel. The EA will work collaboratively to establish an ad hoc Advisory Committee as needed to review the policy. The EA will also get feedback from student organization advisors about possible upcoming expenses before each school year.

The EA reports to the VP for Campus Life. Ultimately, the VP for Campus Life has final oversight of the Educational and Professional Development Fund.

III.   Travel Reimbursement Funding Source & Allocation

A portion of the University’s annual operating budget is allocated to student travel. Funds allocated to student travel are kept in the Education and Professional Development Fund.  Roughly 1/3 of these funds will be reserved for spring semester travel.  This amount is variable and will be decided based on the previous year’s spending and the feedback received from the faculty advisors on expected travel for the upcoming year.  Each semester the funding will be awarded to students as it is requested.

IV.   Student Eligibility to Apply for Reimbursement
  1. Students must be in good academic, and non-academic standing to be considered for reimbursement.

a.  Students in good academic standing are not on academic probation.

b.  Students in good non-academic standing are not under probation, suspension, or expulsion, and have no violation of the student code within the past 12 months prior to the date of travel. 

2. Students must also be in good financial standing with the University at the time immediately prior to receiving reimbursement. When the business office receives notice that a student’s reimbursement is ready, they will apply the reimbursement amount against any charges currently on the student’s account, and once the student account is clear, any money remaining will be distributed to the student.  If the student’s account is clear, the reimbursement will be distributed to the student in full.

V.    Development Activities Qualified for Reimbursement

Students may be qualified to receive reimbursement for attendance and participation in meetings/conferences related professional development.

VI.   Criteria for Awarding Reimbursement

The following criteria must be met by a student in order to receive reimbursement. The student must:

a.    submit a completed Application for Travel Reimbursement (Appendix A) to the Office of Campus Life at least 30 days in advance of the anticipated travel date.

b.    acknowledge receipt of award and accept award.

c.    fulfill all obligations of attendance and participation at the meeting/conference as prescribed by the student organization involved, the faculty mentor/sponsor, and/or the Office of Campus Life.

d.    be a positive representative of the University and follow the University’s Student Code at all times while attending and participating in the meeting/conference.

e.    complete a Travel Expense Form (Appendix C), attach all travel-related itemized receipts, and submit to the Office of Campus Life within 10 business days after returning from the meeting/conference.  Failure to provide accurate documentation may delay your reimbursement.  If you are missing or have inaccurate documentation, we will request that via email.  If new or updated documentation is not submitted within 45 days post travel, your reimbursement will be forfeited.

f.    submit documentation of all funding from sources outside of the Office of Campus Life.

VII.  Reimbursement Amounts Allowed
  1. The amount of reimbursement available to students will take into consideration the amount of money available and the estimated level of attendance at meetings/conferences from the previous years.  The goal of this policy is to maximize reimbursement to as many students as possible in a fair and fiscally-responsible manner.
  2. Students may be reimbursed for travel for up to two (2) meetings per year*. Meetings that fall into Tier A will not be included in this in this limit, however students will have a total annual reimbursement limit of $2500 per student for any combination of meetings including those that fall into Tier A.
  3. Reimbursement includes
    1. cost for advanced meeting/conference registration (i.e., early-bird and student member registration rates, if applicable). If a student pays a higher registration fee, they will only be reimbursed at the early-bird and/or student member rate and will be responsible for the difference in price.
    2. and for reasonable travel-related expenses 
      1. Coach class airfare
      2. Mileage for travel by car
      3. Lodging/hotel
      4. Car rental
      5. Taxi rides/ride share rides to and from the airport and to and from the conference center to the hotel, if applicable.
  4. Each reimbursement request must include a receipt. No expenses will be reimbursed without a receipt (mileage should include a map of the distance from UHSP to the location of the conference/meeting).
  5. Examples of Items not eligible for reimbursement include, but are not limited to:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Entertainment activities
    • Memorabilia
    • Taxi rides/ride share rides to and from entertainment activities
  6. If the University provides transportation to a meeting/conference (e.g., the University charters a bus), students will not be able to receive full reimbursement for alternate travel accommodations unless prior approval is received from the Office of Campus Life.

The tiers for reimbursement are listed in the table below:

Tiers for Reimbursement
Tier Who Qualifies Suggested Reimbursement Levels*
  • Participants who represent the University in student competitions held at a meeting or conference.
  • Students serving on a regional or national committee requiring attendance at the meeting/conference
  • Students that are running for a regional or national office (and complete the election process), for the meeting in which the election is taking place

Full reimbursement for advanced meeting/conference registration and approved
travel expenses (see Policy Section VII)

  • Current elected officers or committee chairs/appointed positions of the specific organization for the given meeting
  • Meeting delegate (if applicable)
  • Students presenting research or giving invited presentations

Full reimbursement for advanced meeting/conference registration plus up to $500 for approved travel expenses (see Policy Section VII)

  • All other students
  • Students attending virtual conferences (registration fee reimbursed only)

Full reimbursement for advanced  meeting/conference registration plus up to $250 for approved travel expenses (see Policy Section  VII)

VIII. Misuse or Abuse of the Student Travel Reimbursement Policy
Misuse or abuse of this policy will result in forfeiture of funding and possible ineligibility of future funding.  Depending on the severity of the infraction, the incident may be submitted to the conduct and/or professionalism board.  (e.g., falsification of documentation, misrepresentation of your actual expenses, student misconduct).


  1. How to Apply for and Receive Travel Reimbursement


The student completes and submits an Application for Travel Reimbursement at least 30 days in advance of the anticipated travel date.

An online, fillable application form can be found on Campus Web under Student Forms—go to Campus Web to complete and submit an application. A hard copy application form is provided in Appendix A of this policy document to show the specific information needed to complete the online application form.

The Office of Campus Life will review the application, including verification of student eligibility. Student applicants who have been approved to receive travel reimbursement will be notified via email about the terms of the reimbursement and will receive a Student Travel Agreement & Assumption of Risk/General Release Form .


The student acknowledges receipt of travel award and accepts the award within 10 days. 

Students who do not accept the award within 10 business days will forfeit their travel reimbursement award.


The student attends the meeting/conference and complies fully with the terms articulated in this policy. The student keeps all travel-related, itemized receipts. 


The student completes and submits a Travel Expense Form within 10 days of returning from the meeting/conference along with all travel-related, itemized receipts.

For the Travel Expense Form with instructions, see appendix C. A hard copy expense form is provided in Appendix C of this policy document to show the specific information needed to complete the online expense form. Students who are approved will be emailed an electronic copy of this form to be filled out and returned via email. A copy is also available on Campus Web to download.
Students will be notified by the business office of when and where to pick up their reimbursement payment.

  • If a student decides not to attend a meeting/conference, he/she must contact Office of Campus Life as soon as possible so that the money can be redistributed to other students.
  • If a student will miss an in-class assessment due to travel, the student should follow the policies and procedures set forth for excused absences by their College.   




Student Organization Faculty Advisors

Knowledge of the travel reimbursement policy and procedure and ensure that students in the Advisor’s organization are aware of and abide by the policy and procedures.

Office of Campus Life (EA for Campus Life)

  • Management of the Educational and Professional Development Fund
  • Approval of travel for all UHSP students, including verification of student eligibility
  • Record keeping of travel reimbursement awarded to students
  • Annual distribution of the policy to the entire student body and student organization faculty advisors via email
  • Establish an ad hoc Advisory Committee as needed

Advisory Committee

Advise the Office of Campus Life on policy changes and updates.  The advisory committee includes faculty and students from each college, staff from Campus Life including student engagement, and the VP of Campus Life.


Oversight of student eligibility to travel based on academic standing.

Business Office

Final approval of travel expense form and verification of good financial standing of the student

International Travel Oversight Committee

Oversight of International Travel Policy and student travel to international locations


Educational and Professional Development Fund

Funds allocated to student travel are kept in the Educational and Professional Development Fund for distribution to students attending meetings/conferences for the purpose of academic and/or professional development.

Policy Contacts:


Contact Information

Isaac ButlerPharmD, MBA 

VP Campus Life & Chief Diversity Officer


Lisa Dollar, M.S. 

EA for Campus Life