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Name: Student Fees Policy
Responsible Office: Business Office

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff

Policy Overview:

Issued: 03-11-2020
Next Review Date: 11-17-2024
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures for setting and approving fees charged to students by the University.





Charges assessed to students to provide access to UHSP activities, programs, facilities, and services.  The term does not include tuition, housing, or meal plan related expenses; extracurricular activities fees not included in the One Fee; costs incurred to obtain student health, professional liability or travel insurance; or charges assessed by student organizations or clubs for dues or activities.

Fines or Assessments

Charges assessed for damage and repair or replacement of property

Late Fees

Charges assessed for late payments on sums owed on a student’s account or failure to meet a deadline, e.g. library materials

One Fee

Annual fee to help fund certain student meeting activities of professional and social clubs recognized by the Student Government Association, access to the Fitness Center, student wellness, and student travel to professional organization meetings


Each year the Board of Trustees will approve annual fees for the next academic year including tuition, housing, meal plan, the One Fee, and parking.  Any department or unit of the University seeking to charge students any other Fees or Late Fees must obtain approval in writing from the President.  A department may impose Fines or Assessments to replace or repair damaged property or equipment not to exceed the actual or projected cost incurred or such other lesser amount deemed reasonable by the appropriate administrator under the circumstances.


  1. Annual Fees

A. As part of the annual budget process, the Board of Trustees approves fees for tuition, housing, meal plan, a single student services and activities fee known as the One Fee, and parking. The University publishes this information in the Academic Catalog or other official communications with students.

  1. Miscellaneous
A. The President must approve in writing all other Fees and the rates or methodology for calculating Late Fees that a department or unit desires to charge students.
B. A written fee authorization request must be submitted in the form of a memorandum to the appropriate dean, vice president or the head of the applicable operating division for approval and endorsement to the President. The request should identify the purpose and rationale for the proposed fee, a plan for publishing or communicating sufficient information to the University community, and the desired effective date.
C. A current list of Approved Fees/Late Fees and Additional Academic Program and Course Related Fees for the Professional Program approved by the President will be maintained by the Business Office.
D. The dean, vice president, or operating division head will notify the Business Office of any proposed and approved fee to ensure that appropriate payment, accounting, tracking, and reporting processes are established and observed.
E. Students with outstanding debts applied to their student account may not be allowed to register for subsequent terms or graduate until all outstanding debts are paid or acceptable payment arrangements have been made with the University.




Business Office

Coordinate accounting, reporting, and other business processes for authorized student Fees and Late Fees; monitor and identify unauthorized student fees

Deans, Vice Presidents, Division heads

Approve and endorse requests for approval of student fees to President; notify Business Office of approved fees


Approved Fees

Additional Academic Program and Course-Related Costs for P1-P4 Students (2019-20)


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VP, Finance