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Name: Marijuana Policy
Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Alumni , Faculty , Staff , Students , Contractors_Vendors

Policy Overview:

Issued: 11-19-2020
Next Review Date: 12-12-2023
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

The State of Missouri has legalized the cultivation, possession, dispensing, distribution, sale, and use of marijuana for recreational use and treatment of specific diseases and chronic illnesses by patients upon the recommendation of a Missouri licensed physician and receipt of a valid Missouri registration card.  Missouri and other states’ laws that legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana conflict with University (UHSP) policy and the federal Controlled Substance Act, which classifies marijuana as an illegal drug.  The University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy ("UHSP"), as a recipient of federal funding, is required to maintain  policies that prohibit the unlawful growth, possession, use, distribution, or sale of marijuana or other illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia on University owned or controlled property or in connection with any University sponsored activities and programs. 

This policy makes it clear that UHSP must enforce its' drug abuse prevention policies regardless of conflicting policies at other institutions or the laws in another state or foreign country.  UHSP reserves the right to impose discipline up to and including separation for employees or students who violate its’ substance abuse policies.  UHSP may also notify professional licensing boards and law enforcement authorities of drug related incidents depending upon the circumstances. 

Applies to all faculty, staff, preceptors, students, visitors, volunteers, vendors, and contractors.





Marijuana for the purpose of this policy will be defined consistent with Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act.


I. Policy

As a condition of compliance with federal laws and regulations, UHSP policy prohibits students, employees, preceptors, volunteers, visitors, vendors, contractors, and members of the general public from growing, possessing, distributing, using or selling marijuana on the University's premises or as part of a University sponsored event or activity notwithstanding any conflicting law of another state or country.  This includes being under the influence of marijuana or a positive marijuana test confirming the consumption or presence of the drug in your system.  UHSP policies governing drug testing of employees and professional students generally provide for both placement testing, as a condition of employment or participation in experiential programs, and reasonable suspicion testing, whenever the circumstances indicate potential illicit drug use.  All individuals are responsible for using their best efforts to avoid a positive drug test due to exposure to marijuana or marijuana smoke.  The University also prohibits the possession of drug-related paraphernalia.

A violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including, separation from UHSP and/or mandatory conditions of continued employment or studies such as drug testing and counseling or other educational, health and wellness activities.  UHSP may also notify professional licensing bodies and law enforcement authorities of violations of this policy. Faculty, preceptors, and students should be aware that a policy violation or criminal conviction can jeopardize successful placement in a professional practice facility or educational program or adversely impact professional licensure or privileges.  Students convicted of a crime involving the possession or sale of marijuana may also lose eligibility to participate in federal financial aid programs.  Any marijuana or paraphernalia found in connection with a policy violation will be confiscated and destroyed.

II. Research

UHSP cannot allow or support research that involves marijuana unless such research complies with applicable guidelines and regulations established by federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Drug Administration, and National Institute of Drug Abuse.

In addition to potential disciplinary action and remediation, research related violations may result in loss of federal funding.

III. Out-of-State Programs/Activities

UHSP employees and students who travel to out-of-state or foreign practice or experiential education sites or facilities for academic, clinical, and educational programs or activities are subject to the restrictions contained in UHSP’s policies governing marijuana, regardless of the drug’s legal status in another state or foreign country.  In the event of a conflict between UHSP’s policies and those of other affiliates or third parties, UHSP’s policies shall be controlling.

IV. Approved Educational and Practice Activities

It is not a violation of this policy for UHSP preceptors, employees, and students to participate in pharmacy practice or educational activities involving marijuana that are lawful under federal, state, or a foreign country’s law and approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President of Research, or the President after consultation with the General Counsel.

V. Accommodations

UHSP has no legal obligation under federal or state disabilities laws requiring the University to waive its’ policies governing illicit drugs, technical standards, fundamental academic program  or course requirements, or make any accommodations for individuals to allow them to possess or consume legally prescribed medical marijuana.  However, the University will make good faith efforts to identify other reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified employees or students.     





Vice President, Campus Life

Oversee compliance of policies relating to students

Director of Human Resources

Oversee compliance of policies relating to faculty and staff

Vice President of Research

Oversee compliance in research

Vice President of Operations

Oversee compliance in laboratories and public safety enforcement

Director, Experiential Education

Oversee compliance in pharmacy experiential program


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