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Name: Library Room and Space Utilization Policy
Responsible Office: Library

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff , Students , Contractors_Vendors

Policy Overview:

Issued: 09-11-2019
Next Review Date: 11-14-2024
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis Library staff is committed to maintaining a quality study and research environment, protecting the rights of users and sustaining the integrity of collections.  This policy outlines the appropriate use of Library space within the Academic and Research Building (ARB).

Applies to all Library visitors.


The UHSP Library has a primary mission to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to resources, information, facilities and services for the faculty, students, staff, preceptors and alumni of the University.  The collections are also accessible to others whose information needs require these resources.  Policies governing the use of the facilities and collections reflect this mission.

In addition to policies and procedures noted below, University-wide policies related to facilities apply.


  1. Access
    1. Any individual may have access to Library facilities to use general stack collections, as well as access to a limited set of “walk-in accessible” electronic resources available through dedicated computer workstations.
    2. Library facilities are open to the general public during regular University business hours.
    3. After 5pm and on weekends, the Library is accessible to UHSP faculty, staff and students using a valid University ID.
    4. After 5pm and on weekends, students from Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis may obtain a visitor card key at the University's Public Safety base station, located in the Children’s Place Garage. Those students are required to leave an ID in exchange for a card key.
    5. Archival material may be used by appointment only.
    6. The Lower Level and Mezzanine Level close when the service desk closes. Anyone seated on one of those levels must move to another area of the Library.  The remaining two floors of the Library are available for use 24 hours per day. 
  2. Group Study Rooms
    1. General Rules
      1. All Group Study Rooms are intended for 2 or more users.
      2. Rooms are intended only for collaborative study; they are not for meetings, tutoring, classes or other non-study uses.
      3. All rooms become walk-in rooms after the library service desk closes.
      4. The study rooms are for all students, so we ask that you erase any writing from the whiteboards. The housekeeping staff cleans off the whiteboards each night.
    2. Reservation Policies
      1. Six rooms are bookable: ARB 254, ARB 255, ARB 257, ARB 258, ARB 259, ARB 260.
      2. UHSP students may make reservations using EMS.
      3. UHSP students must register for an EMS account in advance.
      4. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
      5. No same day reservations--all reservations must be made prior to midnight for reservations on the next business day.
      6. Reservations may be used only during regular Monday – Friday Service Desk hours.
      7. Only one 3-hour reservation per person per day is accepted.
      8. Daily reservations will be posted outside each room.
      9. A confirmation email will be sent if the request is approved. On the day of the reservation, the name of the group member who reserved the room will be listed on the room’s schedule.
    3. Unused Bookable Rooms
      1. If a reserved room is not claimed within 10 minutes of the start of the reservation, the reservation is forfeited and becomes a walk-in room until the next reservation.
      2. When bookable rooms are not reserved, they are available for walk-in use, but users must yield the room when those having reservations arrive. Users with reservations must arrive within 10 minutes of the start of their reservation.
      3. All Group Study Rooms are intended for 2 or more users.
    4. Walk-In Rooms
      1. Four rooms are for walk-in use only: ARB 256, ARB 261, ARB 262, ARB 263.
      2. Walk-in Study Rooms are intended for 2 or more users.
  3. Unattended Belongings
    1. The Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property.
    2. Belongings should not be left in a study room to claim the room.
    3. Unattended belongings may be removed after 20 minutes and taken to the Public Safety Base Station located in the UHSP Garage.
  4. Quiet Study Area
    1. The lower level, mezzanine, and second floor of the library are designated as quiet study areas.
    2. As the second floor of the library is directly connected to the ARB without partition, the level of noise on the second floor will be higher during weekdays than during off-hours.
    3. Collaborative work space is available on the library first floor.
  5. Sound Issues
    1. Users of group study rooms should be aware that the rooms are not soundproofed, and that the rooms are located on the designated Quiet Study Area on the second floor.  Users must be respectful of others and keep the noise down.  Sound travels between study rooms and onto the second floor study area.
    2. If an individual or a group is too loud, library users may ask them to be quiet or alert the staff at the Library Service Desk. The Service Desk can be reached at 314.446.8361.
    3. After the first noise warning, Public Safety will be summoned for subsequent disturbances.
    4. UHSP Student Handbook addresses noise in the library, and UHSP Student Code defines general misconduct as violating published rules governing conduct in the library.
    5. Noise rules apply to all library users.


Library Staff

Approves EMS reservations, responds to inquiries.

Public Safety

Respond to repeated violations, incidents, requests for removal.


2018-19 Student Code

2018-19 Student Handbook

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Jill Nissen

Library Director

Eric Knoll

VP Operations

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