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Name: Internal Event Planning and Procedures Policy
Responsible Office: President's Office

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Alumni , Faculty , Staff , Students , Contractors_Vendors

Policy Overview:

Issued: 08-01-2019
Next Review Date: 09-18-2021
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

Events such as conferences, symposiums, lectures, performances, meetings, student events, and exhibits allow St. Louis College of Pharmacy to showcase the work and accomplishments of the faculty, staff, students and alumni, foster a sense of community and put into action our mission to serve St. Louis and the surrounding community. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for the campus community and visitors to experience first-hand the wide range of our scholarly and cultural programming, as well as experience the beauty of the campus. By following these guidelines, we can maximize the use of college resources, avoid scheduling conflicts, promote the positive image of the College and ensure that faculty, staff, students, and guests have a memorable experience.





Any special event, conference, workshop, summer program, athletic tournament, symposium, play, convocation, exhibit, banquet, etc. that requires reservation of space at the College.


The faculty/staff/student from a department or organization responsible for planning the logistics of the event.


The act of reserving campus space in the EMS system.

Events Office

A staff member or student worker from the Events Office.

Third-Party Vendor

Any non-College person/company contracted to provide a service for an event (i.e. IT, decor, catering, etc.)


Event Management System, software used to reserve space and resources on campus.


Any property and assets owned, leased, or rented by the College.


Use of the College’s inventory including, but not limited to: IT, catering, facilities, housekeeping, public safety, marketing.

Institutional Event

The Office of the President has initiated and outlined the event.

Major College Event

An event that targets major cross sections of the College community.

College Departmental Event

An event that targets a smaller audience than a major College event. May be targeted towards a specific cross section of the College community.

Student Event

Any event planned by a student or student organization on campus.

Community Event

Not a college event but a department has been asked to oversee and work with a non-College organization for an event on campus.


A division of the College faculty of staff devoted to a particular discipline or service.

Tier 3 Rental

A non-College organization renting and paying for the use of space at the College.


A written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. All contracts must be routed through the Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy

Tech Rider

The technical needs in a contract for a performer, vendor, etc. that requests certain IT and technical aspects to be provided by the College.


The Events Office is dedicated to the success of the College’s numerous on campus events and activities. The details outlined in this policy aim to assist faculty, staff, students, and alumni through the on-campus event planning process and to understand procedures.

  1. Planner Responsibilities
    1. The planner is responsible for all aspects of reserving and scheduling an event including, but not limited to contract negotiations, date reservation, room reservation, catering requests, individual resource requests, linen needs, and event promotion. The Events Office is available to provide counsel to planners, but planners are responsible for executing events, making reservations, coordinating resources and seeking approvals where required.
    2. Planners are responsible for requesting space and resources in EMS, the College’s event management system. Resources may not be booked outside of EMS, and reservations made in EMS will take priority over events and activities not entered in EMS.
    3. The planner or designee must be present prior to the event for setup management, during the event, and should be the last one to leave after take down. Planners are to make sure the space is left as it was found, all lights are turned off and doors are closed. This includes all projectors and flat screen TVs in classrooms and event spaces.
    4. Any individual or group sponsoring an event are responsible for stewardship of the space(s) and consequences for damage or abuse of such space. All community members are expected to act with goodwill and seek common understanding when programming and scheduling events in appropriate spaces and at appropriate times. The College operates on the concept of intentional programming. Groups scheduling events are encouraged to consider the impact of their event on other activities already scheduled and not schedule similar events, which compete for audiences and campus resources. The College encourages individuals and groups to think creatively toward providing a rich mix of opportunities (concurrent and at separate times) for both the College and the greater St. Louis community.
  2. Resources

The Events Office worked with representatives on the Events Committee and Pedestal to create a service matrix for events. This matrix is designed help planners understand what campus resources will be allocated to their events and what responsibilities the planner must undertake. While the College will do its best to support the wide variety of events throughout the year, due to the magnitude of demand, not all requests can be performed from a resource standpoint and may become the duty of the planner. See Appendix A: Event Service Matrix for this information. Event type was determined based on impact to resources. If your event isn’t listed as an example in the Event Type Definition field, contact the Events Office for guidance.

If two events are scheduled at the same time and there is a scheduling conflict, the Events Office will work with both planners to find a resolution but has the authority to make the ultimate decision in regards to dates, space reserved, and availability of equipment.

  1. Some campus resources (IT, catering, facilities, public safety, and parking) can be requested in EMS. See the Event Planning Handbook for details on how to request resources, limitations, and best practices. Requests for resources must be submitted in EMS at least two weeks prior to your event to provide time for scheduling of staff and resources.
  2. Due to limited resources, submitting an EMS request does not guarantee that resources requested will be available. Additional costs may also be incurred based on the time and date of the resource request to be compliant with the Special Pay Practices Policy. The Events Office or the department head with responsibility for the resource requested will inform you and obtain your approval before cost related services are incurred.
  3. All requests for resources should be submitted in EMS at least two weeks before your event because facilities, housekeeping, public safety, IT, and Pedestal must schedule employees two weeks in advance to accommodate all set-ups on campus. If staffing is needed and requested less than two weeks before your event, if staff are available, fees may be applied based on the appropriate overtime rate. EMS also send reports every Friday at 8 a.m. for the following week with resource needs. If resources are not requested before 8 a.m. on Friday prior to your event, resources may not be available for your event.
    1. Catering
      1. Events requiring catering services must be supported by the College’s catering service, who participated in a formal selection process and were chosen based upon their ability to meet the needs of the College community. Pedestal reserves the right of first refusal for all food served. See the Event Planning Handbook for the process of requesting catering from Pedestal.
    2. Information Technology
      1. All IT requests must be submitted through EMS at least 48 hours before the event. EMS will not accept IT services once inside the 48-hour window.
      2. If an IT technician is needed outside of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays or over the weekend, there will be a fee and this must be submitted at least 14 business days prior to the event. See the Event Handbook for more information.
      3. If technology in the reserved space is broken due to improper use or stolen during your event, the planner’s department/organization will be charged.
    3. Facilities
      1. All facilities requests (chairs, tables, podium, garbage cans, coat racks, etc.) must be submitted through EMS at least 48 hours before the Event. EMS will not accept requests for facilities items once inside the 48-hour window.
      2. Any event setup submitted via the Maintenance Work Order platform, email, voicemails, etc. will be denied. All submissions must be placed through EMS.
      3. Once layout is approved by the planner and set up by facilities, last minute changes in configuration will not be permitted. Requests to augment existing layouts will be fulfilled only if staffing is available and will be subject to a reconfiguration fee.
    4. Public Safety
      1. For most events, decisions regarding the need for public safety, police and/or fire detail(s) will be made collaboratively between representatives of the Office of Public Safety, Events Office, and the planner for safety reasons. Fees may apply. See the Event Handbook for more information.
      2. Certain events may require additional Public Safety personnel to be present based upon size of the event, nature of the event, or the complexity of logistics. If needed, planner will be responsible for covering the cost of additional staff required.
    5. Parking
      1. For all Events and meetings on campus, if the visitor or student doesn’t have paid parking in the Children’s Place garage, a Parking request must be submitted via EMS. If spots aren’t requested in EMS and therefore not in the Parking Report sent daily to Public Safety, parking will be denied. All parking requests must be submitted at least 48 hours before needed. Official approval of Parking will be sent from the Office of Public Safety following an automated confirmation of the room from EMS.
    6. Marketing and Communications
      1. Communications support must be requested from the Office of Marketing and Communications, and will be provided based on the type of event as designated by the Events Office. See the Event Service Matrix for more information.
      2. Regardless of event type, the availability of marketing resources, timelines and costs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
      3. Whether event collateral is developed by the Office of Marketing and Communications or the planner, all collateral and promotional materials must follow the College’s brand standards for the use of its trademarks brand assets, and any and all usage of the College’s brand must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Materials for review may be submitted to and planner must give Marketing at least two weeks’ time to review materials.

    C. Reservations

  1. EMS is the College official events management system, and all space requests must be submitted in EMS to be an approved event and access resources. Review the Event Planning Handbook for instructions for submitting reservations in EMS.
  2. For requests submitted in EMS, the Events Office will evaluate the availability of space within 48 hours and provide confirmation of event details including the date, time, and location of the event, as well as other related information (e.g. set-up description, list of IT, catering information, etc.).
  3. In the event of conflicting requests, the Events Office will seek a mutually beneficial solution, but will ultimately be authorized to make a decision regarding priority of the conflicting events.
  4. Except for classrooms, all campus space can be reserved up to six months in advance in EMS. Classrooms cannot be reserved until the Office of the Registrar finalizes the class schedule and room assignments for the upcoming semester. Classrooms during final exams will be open for reservations midway through the current semester once all final exam space has been reserved.
  5. Events being held in public spaces on campus may not restrict or redirect College traffic through the space. All egresses in and out of buildings must be kept clear for safety reasons. For example, tables may not be setup on the café patio outside Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A in a way that impedes customers’ ability to enter and exit through the doors.

    D. Requirements for Student Events

  1. All student events must be approved by the organization’s advisor. When submitting a reservation in EMS, the advisor must be listed in the designated field. Once the reservation has been submitted, Events Office staff will confirm the reservation with the advisor, and events will only be finalized with the advisors approval.
  2. Each student organization should designate two members of their organization to be the main contact people regarding events. Those two students will be the ones who request space for events and meetings. They will be responsible for arranging special set-ups, resources, and ensuring appropriate conduct of the group, including knowledge of and adherence of College policies. They will be able to make changes to the reservation in EMS. If an upcoming event requires a meeting with the Events Committee regarding planning or the Events Office regarding liability and risks, the two representatives will be required to attend along with the organization’s adviser. If the two representatives have specific logistical questions, they are encouraged to contact Events Office at If representatives have questions about programmatic aspects of their event, they should contact the director of student development and engagement in the Office of Student Affairs.

     E. Third-Party Vendors and Contracts

  1. All contracts for events must be routed through the contract routing process which can be found in the Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy. Once the planner or advisor has signed the contract, submit to the Contract Administrator (Lori Watson) at at least 30 days in advance of the event. Contract routing must be fully completed prior to the event.
  2. If the event requires use of the College’s equipment or resources, during the Contract Routing process the Events Office will connect with an operations team member to sign off to ensure the College can provide and operate that equipment per the vendor’s requests. If this is not followed, the end result is a breach of contract with the vendor, then the planner and their affiliated department will be solely responsible for any fines, fees, and penalties for their breach of contract.
  3. Certain companies have exclusively signed contracts with the College to offer quality services in specified areas. See the Preferred Vendor Contacts under Contracts in the Event Planning Handbook for more information.
      F. Inclement Weather
  1. When planning an outdoor activity, alternative indoor facilities must also be reserved in the event of inclement weather (if the activity can be moved indoors) or a “rain date” should be considered and properly communicated. The rain plan must be emailed to the Events Office at one week prior to event date. Events reserved without a rain location may result in cancellation if inclement weather exists. If event has a contract, cancellation terms regarding weather should be included.


  1. For information about procedures in relation to events at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, see Appendix B for the STLCOP Event Planning Handbook




President’s Office

Institutional Events Manager


Appendix A: Event Service Matrix

Appendix B: Event Planning Handbook

Appendix C: Event Breakdown Form to be submitted for all Institutional and Major College events

Appendix D: Other College policies (Minors on Campus, Special Pay Practices, Fire Safety, Posting and Promotions, Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy, Minors in Labs, Domestic and Company Animals on College Property, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

Supplemental Information:

Appendix A: Event Service Matrix

Appendix B: Event Planning Handbook

Appendix C: Event Breakdown Form to be submitted for all Institutional and Major College events

Event Planning Checklist & Timeline

Appendix D: Other College policies


Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy

Domestic and Companion Animals on College Property Policy - Interim

Fire Safety Policy

Minors in Laboratories Policy

Minors on Campus, Children in the Workplace, and Child Protection Policy 

Postings and Promotion Policy - Interim

Special Pay Practices Policy

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Use Policy