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Name: Hot Work Permit Policy
Responsible Office: College Services

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff , Students , Contractors_Vendors

Policy Overview:

Issued: 02-01-2016
Next Review Date: 07-13-2022
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

The purpose of the UHSP Hot Work Permit Policy is to specify the approval process for a temporary operation involving open flames, heat and/or sparks at the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. This includes, but is not limited to, operations such as brazing, cutting, soldering, thawing pipes, torch-applied roofing, welding, or propane torches used for floor tile or cove base.

This policy appies to all UHSP employees, vendors and contractors performing hot work in any existing occupied building or structure on campus.





Annual Security and Fire Report


Environmental Health & Safety

Hot Work

Any operation involving open flames, heat and/or sparks, including, but not limited to, brazing, cutting, soldering, thawing pipes, torch-applied roofing, welding, or propane torches.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration


I. Hot Work Permit Procedures

  1. For projects requiring hot work completed either by UHSP maintenance personnel or contracted vendors, the Facilities personnel are responsible for ensuring a Hot Work Permit issecured.
  2. When an employee or contractor has identified a job as triggering requirements for hot work practices, that person is responsible for contacting UHSP EH&S either by calling 314-446-8133 or coming to their office to receive a Hot Work Permit prior to beginning any hot work. Only individuals who have competed Fire Safety and Suppression Training (either via Moodle or another outside training) will be allowed to work on projects requiring a Hot Work Permit.
  3. UHSP EH&S (or other University Operations department head) will evaluate the request for hot work and provide the Hot Work Permit to the contractor or employee after reviewing the mandatory requirements of the Hot Work Permit with the requesting individual.
  4. UHSP EH&S will notify Public Safety via phone call that the permit has been activated. Additionally, they will record the permit number, the person/company performing the hot work and other appropriate information in the “Hot Work Activity Log” located in the shared drive.
  5. It is the responsibility of the contractor/employee performing the hot work to comply with the guidelines listed on the Hot Work Permit. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in immediate revocation of the Hot Work Permit. The contractor shall be held responsible for all damages resulting from failure to comply with the guidelines. A copy of the Permit shall be readily available and visible at the job site at all times during work.
  6. It is the responsibility of the contractor/employee to contact both Facilities and Public Safety each day to identify when the hot work will start and again at the end of the day when the hot work has been completed. These notifications will allow the fire alarm systems to be appropriately addressed and will identify the hot work area so the area can be surveyed by Public Safety upon completion of the work. Notifications should be made to:
    1. Facilities Management: 314-446-8379
    2. Public Safety: 314-446-7233
  7. Emergency hot work or hot work conducted after normal business hours shall only require notification to UHSP Public Safety.
  8. The contractor must ensure that any individual(s) under his or her supervision who perform hot work or who work in an area in which hot work is being performed are trained in and knowledgeable of the conditions imposed by the permit and this policy.
  9. UHSP EH&S has oversight responsibility for any and all hot work performed on the UHSP campus. They may enter a work site at any time to assess adequacy of controls imposed on such work, suspend any unsafe or unauthorized hot work, and may amend any permits issued as deemed necessary to protect life and property.

II. Required Precautions

  1. Fire watch will be provided during work and for one hour after work including any break activity.
  2. Fire watch is supplied with suitable fire extinguishers.
  3. Fire watch is trained in the use of equipment and sounding alarm.
  4. Fire watch may be required in adjoining areas, above, and below.
  5. Monitor hot work area for at least three hours after the one hour fire watch.

III. Fire Procedures

a. If a fire is identified in the work area, notify Public Safety immediately at 446-SAFE (7233).
b. When the fire is small and trained personnel are comfortable attempting to suppress it, use a fire extinguisher to combat the flames. Remember to PASS (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep).
c. In the event of a large fire, do not attempt to extinguish. Activate the building’s fire alarm system and evacuate in accordance to the UHSP Building Emergency Action Plan.
d. Regardless of size or if it was extinguished, all fires must be reported to Public Safety, who will include the incident in UHSP’s Annual Security and Fire Report (ASR) in accordance with the Clery Act. Fires involving injury to employees will be forwarded to Human Resources for tracking and follow-up to comply with OSHA regulatory requirements.






UHSP Environmental Health & Safety

Oversight for hot work program, permit issuance and compliance monitoring.

Policy Contacts:


Contact Information

Carlin Harp

Emergency Management Coordinator; 314-446-8133