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Name: Emeritus - Emerita Faculty Status Policy
Responsible Office: Office of the Deans

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)


Policy Overview:

Issued: 05-01-2014
Next Review Date: 07-19-2023
Frequency of Reviews: Every 5 Years

The purpose of this policy is to outline procedures and eligibility criteria for emeritus/emerita status and define privileges and expectations that accompany this designation.

This policy applies to individuals with fulltime faculty appointment requesting emeritus status after retirement request and approval. 




Emeritus/emerita faculty status

An honorary title and is not automatically conferred upon retirement. Faculty members in good standing who have retired, or have announced their retirement, may submit a request to be considered.   This honorary status will be based on significant contributions in teaching, research, or service.


1.    Eligibility / Award Criteria

a.    Ten or more years of full-time faculty service to University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis
b.    Associate Professor rank or higher
c.    Recognition for excellence in teaching, research and/or service such as:

i.    Excellence in teaching or curricular innovation
ii.    Excellence in service to the University or the Community
iii.    National recognition for scientific, professional, or service contribution
iv.    Distinguished research and scholarly activity
v.    Professional awards and honors

d.    Recommendations/letters of support describing his/her sustained contributions to the University must come from the faculty member’s Department Chair, Department Promotion & Tenure Committee and appropriate Dean.

2.    Privileges:

a.    A faculty identification card denoting previous academic rank and the designation “emeritus” or “emerita”
b.    Access to library resources (on campus and electronic)
c.    A UHSP email account
d.    Access to IT helpdesk resources
e.    Retain laptop according to retiring faculty policy
f.    Free parking on campus as available
g.    Invitations to campus activities (e.g., faculty/staff luncheon, holiday parties, convocations, etc.)
h.    Recognition as emeritus faculty  in University publications (e.g., academic catalog, website, commencement program)
i.    Shared office space, as available
j.    Access to post-retirement healthcare advising, an HR innovation to help retirees navigate the many choices available for supplemental health insurance.

3.    Expectations for ongoing involvement

a.    Attend at least one University function per year
b.    Provide service to the University (e.g., assessor [OSCE, MMI, year-end program assessment days, other], standardized patient, interviewer for progression interviews, orientation activities, etc.)
c.    Participate in student and alumni events

4.    All Retired Faculty Privileges

a.    Faculty members who have retired from University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis after 5 or more years of full-time service and who hold the title of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor at the time of retirement shall be accorded the following privileges:

i.    Faculty library privileges
ii.    A UHSP e-mail account
iii.    Invitations to campus activities (e.g., faculty/staff luncheon, holiday parties, convocations, etc.)
iv.    Retain laptop according to retiring faculty computer policy
v.    Access to post-retirement healthcare advising


1)    Application Form:  The retiring faculty must declare interest in being considered for emeritus/emerita status.  An application form must be submitted to the faculty member’s department chair for initial consideration.  (See Appendix A)

2)    Curriculum Vitae:  A current curriculum vitae (CV) must accompany the application form.  Information included in the CV and application form will be used to determine if the candidate meets the eligibility and award criteria. 

3)    Review Process: 1) Letters of support are needed from the faculty member’s Department Chair and the Department Promotion and Tenure Committee.  The letters will be based on the application, CV and committee’s knowledge of the candidate.  2) The application form, CV, and letters of support will be forwarded to the Dean of the appropriate college for consideration.  A recommendation from the Dean is needed.  3)  Final authority for this decision rests with the President of the University.

4)    Timeline:  The application/request to be considered for emeritus/emerita status can be submitted at the time that retirement is announced up to the time of retirement.  Up to 2-3 months may be required to process the application/request.   Regardless of the timing of the request, emeritus/emerita status will not be awarded until the faculty member has retired officially.




Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

Application review

Dean of St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Application review


Emeritus Status Application Form (Appendix A)

Policy Contacts:


Contact Information

Ehren Bucholtz, Interim Dean COAS

Giovanni Pauletti, Interim Dean STLCOP