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Name: Dress Code Policy
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff

Policy Overview:

Issued: 09-30-2019
Next Review Date: 09-28-2021
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

Guidelines for appropriate business attire for all employees.  



Dress Code - Staff and Faculty

The College generally has what is described as a Business Casual Dress Code. Appropriate business casual attire includes slacks, skirt or dress, blouses, shirts with collars, and appropriate shoes.  Shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, gym clothes, and flip-flops are not business casual attire. Some positions require a uniform and may have additional guidelines regarding clothing and footwear. For some positions, appropriate footwear may be required as personal protective equipment (maintenance boots, closed-toe shoes in labs, etc.) It is important to remember that you are representing the College to the community that includes current and prospective students, their families, alumni, and prospective donors.

It is important that you be neatly dressed, properly groomed and that you conduct yourself in a courteous and dignified manner.  Faculty and staff should dress according to accepted standards of modesty, dignity and good taste. Clothes must be clean, fit properly and not extreme in design or fashion.

  1. Faculty and staff should dress appropriate to the type of work being performed and appropriate to the level of responsibility and Periodically, when necessary for particular situations such as business meetings or presentations, faculty and staff should dress in professional business attire. In addition, department heads may, at their discretion and at any time, request that an entire department dress in professional business attire for an event or meeting or dress in College Spirit Fridays attire for a specific purpose, such as recognition for attaining a goal, or work on a specific manual project.
  2. For Fridays, the College has adopted a "College Spirit Friday" modification to the business casual dress code. On College Spirit Fridays, employees may wear jeans that are clean, neat, and worn to meet the other standards as set forth in this operating In addition, they may wear College logo apparel and/or College colors (Purple and gold), or other appropriate business casual top. Participation in College Spirit Fridays does not mean that employees may wear inappropriate attire. Examples of inappropriate attire are as follows: clothing with offensive sayings or logos; crop tops, spaghetti strap tops or back-less tank tops; halter tops; muscle shirts with bare arms; visible underwear; shorts; tattered/shredded jeans or other garments; sweat pants or yoga pants.
  3. Dressing for meetings appropriately and when representing the College will take precedence over the College Spirit Friday.


It  shall be the responsibility of Supervisors and Department Heads to enforce the dress code policy. If there are any questions regarding appropriateness of dress, it should be directed to a Supervisor, Department Head or Human Resources. If it is determined that dress is inappropriate, the employee will be warned, and future infractions will result in corrective action.





Supervisors/Dept. Heads

Enforce the policy, refer questions to next level supervisor

Upper level management and Human Resources

Address referred issues and make final determinations.

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