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Name: College Vehicle Usage Policy
Responsible Office: College Services

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff , Contractors_Vendors

Policy Overview:

Issued: 07-01-2016
Next Review Date: 07-19-2022
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

The purpose of the College Vehicle Usage Policy is to ensure all employees and contractors who drive College’s fleet vehicles for St. Louis College of Pharmacy business or activities have appropriate and valid documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle and ensure they do so in a safe and reasonable manner.  The policy also shall establish procedures for driver screening and responsibilities. This policy will exclude College employees who may be traveling on behalf of the College for the purpose of renting a vehicle or using their own vehicle (eg, student recruiting travel, advancement office related travel etc.) 

This policy applies to all faculty, staff and contractors who wish to use vehicles in the College’s fleet (this includes all vehicles that are insured and owned, rented, or leased by the college). The cost will be the amount of the initial backgrounds checks of the individuals who wish to drive a College vehicle.  The individuals’ department will incur that cost.

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose

II. Procedures

a. Vehicle Scheduling, Checkout and Return
b. Accident Reporting
c. Background Checks
d. Safety Training

III. Safety and Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

IV. Driving and Regulations

a. Aggressive Driving
b. Fatigue Driving
c. Alcohol and Drug Use
d. Seat Belt Use
e. Cell Phone Use
f. Traffic Laws
g. Safe Operation
h. Smoking
i. Hazardous Materials
j. Pets

V. Appendices

a. Motor Vehicle Usage Form




College Vehicle

A vehicle insured and purchased, rented or leased through STLCOP funds.  For the purposes of this policy, a College Vehicle also includes institution-owned gators, tractor and/or golf carts.

Driver’s License

A state-issued U.S. license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicles.


The operator of a motor vehicle.

Rental Vehicle

A vehicle in which the use of the vehicle involves an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of the vehicle; which is owned by another person or company.  The owner of the vehicle may be referred to as the lessor and the party paying to use the property as the lessee or renter.

College Business or Activity

College business or activity is one in which an employee or contractor is eligible for reimbursement for travel expenses or a rental vehicle is paid for with college funds.


I. Purpose

The purpose of the College Vehicle Usage Policy is to ensure all employees and contractors who wish to use vehicles in the College’s fleet (this includes all vehicles that are insured and owned, rented, or leased by the college) for St. Louis College of Pharmacy business or activities, have appropriate and valid documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle and ensure they do so in a safe and reasonable manner. The policy also shall establish procedures for driver screening and responsibilities.

If an employee or contractor drives his/her own vehicle for college business or a college activity, then the individual assumes the risk for the vehicle and the college’s automobile insurance is not responsible.

STLCOP employees and contractors may have work assignments or activities that involve driving a College vehicle to accomplish college business. In an effort to promote a safe work environment and reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur on-the-job, STLCOP has established this College Vehicle Usage Policy which sets driving qualification standards for STLCOP drivers and requires training and other appropriate action for employees and contractors who fall outside those standards. The contract company may implement their own company policies and training. These policies and training procedures may be substituted as long as they have been reviewed and approved by the College.

Specifically, this policy applies to all STLCOP employees and contractors who drive a College vehicle, on college business or activities regardless of frequency of driving. All employees and contractors of STLCOP should be aware of this policy.


II. Procedures

College vehicles shall be used only in the conduct of College business or activities. (i.e. in the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of the duties of the College).
Only College employees or approved contractors of the College may drive College vehicles. The College may not loan or lease a College vehicle to an outside organization. No students are allowed to drive College Vehicles unless they are employed by the College.

A. Vehicle Scheduling, Checkout, and Return College insured vehicles must be scheduled by completing the EMS request, review and acknowledgement of policy, and completion of the College Vehicle Usage Form. The College vehicles are reserved on a first come-first served basis with priority given to health and safety. An approval process will be conducted once all completed forms are done. All College vehicles must be returned into Security Services in the STLCOP garage. The respective department or office will be responsible for providing the fuel for your approved off campus trip. The College vehicle shall not be used for overnight off campus trips.
B. Accident Reporting It will be the driver’s responsibility of the College vehicle to immediately report upon return back to campus, or via telephone, that they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, either with another vehicle or a fixed object. A report must be filed with Security Services in the Security Base Station.
C. Background Checks Background checks will be conducted prior to any STLCOP employee using College vehicle through the Office of Human Resources. This is done on an annual basis. The following citations and traffic law violations (suspension or revocation of license, driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended/revoked, leaving the scene of an accident, refusal to take a chemical test for intoxication, aggressive driving/careless and imprudent, exceeding the speed limit by more than 19 MPH) will restrict and or prohibit vehicle usage under this policy. The Office of Human Resources will review the background check and any citations and violations on a case by case basis, taking into account time elapsed, severity of citation, and other information to determine if the employee will retain driving privileges.
D. Safety Training The Driver Safety Awareness Course must be completed prior to the scheduled date in the STLCOP Moodle Training Platform. If the training has not been completed prior, the person will not be permitted to take the College vehicle.

III. Safety and Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Safety and preventative maintenance and repairs of the College vehicles will be shared duties of the Director of Public Safety and the Facilities Supervisors. These include monthly vehicle inspections, licensing, general cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Either the Director of Public Safety or the Facilities Supervisors will remove College owned vehicles from service if they are found to be unsafe or liable to experience failure. At this time, the College vehicle will be blocked from any College employee or contractor signing it out for use.

IV. Driving and Safety Regulations

A. Aggressive Driving Aggressive driving such as but not limited to; excessive speed, tailgating, failure to signal a lane change, running a red light and passing on the right is not tolerated or permitted.
B. Fatigue Driving Before driving, the driver must be well rested, alert, and sober.
C. Alcohol and Drug Use No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or controlled substances are to be used or consumed by the driver or any passenger at any time prior to operating or riding in a College vehicle. Drivers may not operate a college insured vehicle under the influence of prescription medications that warn against driving or operating machinery.
D. Seat Belt Use Use of seat belts is required for all persons occupying the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all persons are properly secured before the vehicle is put in motion.
E. Cell Phone Use Drivers shall refrain from any use of cell phones or other personal devices when driving.
F. Traffic Laws Drivers shall operate College vehicles in accordance with all traffic laws, ordinances and regulations. Any fines resulting from violations are the responsibility of the driver and not the college.
G. Safe Operation All drivers shall operate College vehicles safely and with great care. Especially when transporting passengers, the driver must make a concerted effort to provide for the safety and wellbeing of those aboard. When weather conditions and road hazards require special attention, drivers should ask passengers to help by being quiet and observant. If a driver is found to have committed any unsafe acts while driving a college insured vehicle, disciplinary action may be initiated. Intentional reckless or unsafe driving will not be tolerated.
H. Smoking Smoking is not permitted in College vehicles.
I. Hazardous Materials Hazardous materials shall not be transported in College vehicles.
J. Pets The transportation of animals or pets in College vehicles is prohibited.




Public Safety

Policy Review and Approvals


General Licensing, Maintenance and Repairs

Human Resources

Background checks


Driver Acknowledgement Form

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