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Name: Background Check Policy
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff

Policy Overview:

Issued: 06-01-2008
Next Review Date: 06-13-2023
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

Applies to:

Prospective faculty and staff

Current faculty and staff changing positions that require additional background information


University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (“UHSP”) is committed to supporting its academic and research missions with qualified faculty and staff members.  In pursuit of these goals, UHSP may conduct background checks on prospective employees or volunteers, after extending a contingent offer and release, current employees transferring to new roles, certain recurring evalautions such as annual motor vehicle record review, upon notice or suspicion of change in background of an employee or volunteer. Background checks help to ensure that individuals are qualified for the job including the required education, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities and present minimial or low risk to the institution.  Satisfactory completion of the background check process is a prerequisite to beginning employment with UHSP.  Individuals who decline to undergo a background check will be disqualified from further consideration for employment with UHSP.

UHSP complies with all laws and regulations regarding background checks including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Missouri Human Rights Act, and applicable laws prohibiting discriminatory hiring practices.  The type of background check information reviewed is related to the type of position and risk management needs of the University.  The check may include criminal background, employment history verification, education verification, professional and personal references, identity verification, motor vehicle record, credit and financial history, licensing, social media/internet presence, academic publications, and research grants.  UHSP reviews each background check on an individual basis. This will include interviewing the applicant or seeking additional information to verify the accuracy of information and identify any mitigating or aggravating circumstances bearing on the individual’s qualifications and/or risk.  Examples of additional information might include, for example, the nature, gravity, and age of the matter in question, remedial measures completed by the candidate/employee, and subsequent employment history and success of the candidate/employee. For employees utilizing controlled substances in research there is a separate Controlled Substance Background Check Policy. Health history, pre-employment physicals and other types of medical exams are contained in a separate policy.

UHSP relies on the accuracy of information contained in employment applications, as well as other information provided during the hiring process and throughout employment. Falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of information may result in either denial of employment, or disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, if an employee has already been hired. Background check information will be maintained in a file separate from the individual’s personnel file.

UHSP reserves the right take the action it deems appropriated based on the results of a background check and/or information provided during subsequent discussions, which may include rescinding the contingent offer of employment.


After a contingent offer of employment, UHSP may request a background check.  UHSP contracts with a third-party agency to perform its background check.  Required forms, including authorizations, will be provided to the prospective employee to review and sign to authorize the background check.  Any individual who declines to undergo a background check will be disqualified from further consideration for employment with UHSP.

The type of information collected during the background check will be based on the activities and responsibilities of the offered position.  Generally speaking, the information that may be collected during a background check includes, but is not limited to:

  • Criminal background
  • Employment history verification
  • Education verification
  • Professional and personal references
  • Identity verification
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Credit and financial history
  • License or certifications (such as pharmacy license, professional certifications)
  • Internet/Social Media presence
  • Academic publications, presentations, awards
  • Grant or research awards and funding
Background Categories including Criminal Records, Employment History, Education Verification, References, Identity Verification and Licensure/Certifications

All employees of the University undergo a comprehensive background check including criminal record, education verification, identity verification and references.  Some positions may require check of professional licensure or certification.  Human Resources will review negative items found on the record and evaluate that information for employment risk. The candidate or employee may be asked to provide additional information regarding the results which will be evaluated and considered. Human Resources will discuss the results of the background check with the appropriate Vice President/Dean or designee. 

Motor Vehicle Records:

Some positions require use of a motor vehicle, either personally owned, leased, rented or owned by the University.  Positions requiring the use of a motor vehicle include public safety positions and admissions representatives.

Items found on a driving record (such as suspension or revocation of license, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident, excessive speed over 19 MPH over the limit) may limit use of University vehicles and in instances where driving is a requirement for a position, result in termination or an offer being rescinded.

For positions requiring driving, Human Resources will review negative items found on the record and evaluate that information for employment risk. The candidate or employee may be asked to provide additional information regarding the results which will be evaluated and considered. Human Resources will discuss the results of the background check with the appropriate Vice President/Dean or designee. 

Credit and Financial History:

For certain positions, bad credit or financial history may disqualify a candidate from further consideration for employment with UHSP.  Bad credit or financial history includes, but is not limited to, debt that has been referred for collection, a balance past due for more than 60 days or charged off by the creditor, and recent declarations of personal bankruptcy.  Mitigating circumstances, such as debt arising from extensive medical care or student loan obligations, may be considered in evaluating each individual job applicant. Examples of positions that might warrant a credit/financial history background check include executive, management, professional or other positions that involve directing or controlling the business or a unit, fiduciary responsibilities, financial transactions or matters, access to student, employee, and/or University financial information, or contracts.

After receiving a completed background check, UHSP may follow up to ask additional questions to the candidate/employee.  Credit and financial history will be evaluated individually based on the candidate’s information for risk that includes financial pressure on the individual, opportunity to commit fraud and ability to rationalize fraud. For positions involving handling of cash, credit cards, and other school funds, and oversight of financial information, Human Resources and the appropriate Vice, President/Dean will receive a copy of the background check and together review and evaluate that information for employment risk. HR and the appropriate Vice, President/Dean will coordinate questions and documentation for additional questions. 


All information obtained through the background check process will be kept confidential by Human Resources.  However, information may be shared with appropriate UHSP leaders, as determined by the Chief Human Resources Officer, with a legitimate business need to know for purposes of making employment decisions.

Equal Opportunity:

UHSP is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate or administer background check policies or practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other factor or reason prohibited by federal, state, and local law

If you have any questions regarding this policy or if you have any questions regarding background, checks, please contact the Human Resources Department.

UHSP reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice.




Human Resources

Processing, reviewing, evaluating and storing background check information.

Appropriate Vice, President/Dean

Evaluate background checks when negative results are found.

All credit check results are evaluated by HR and the appropriate Vice President and Dean.

Policy Contacts:


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Daniel Bauer, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (CHRO)




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